I know the importance of keeping fitness and health a priority and I strive to teach and inspire others to do the same - Jen Trott


As a Fitness and Lifestyle coach I’ve felt the same challenges and procrastination as many of my clients have. Keeping up with regular workouts and taking the time to prepare healthy meals is a habit that needs to be continuously worked on.  The truth is I've struggled with staying motivated just like anyone else. 

When you exercise and take care of your body it makes you feel good and other parts of your life immediately start improving - Jen Trott


Accountability & support is a huge part of staying on track. When you have someone on your side and checking up on you - you will rise up and do better than without! Accountability is one of my major focuses when leading my clients to their best selves. 


I support others who are beginning their health & fitness journey and others who are getting back to a place where they want to be physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

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