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Thanks for being here! My work here is helping Women finding and becoming their best selves through fitness + lifestyle.


Upcoming in September


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Get out with other like-minded Mama’s. Build strength, endurance and improve overall fitness. Classes are based outdoors with little ones in strollers or snug inside an approved baby carrier. Dynamic class offers different options for all fitness levels.

Active Aging

Get more movement in your life with this non-intimidating class that includes low impact aerobics and resistance training exercises. All targeted to add healthy movement in and improve daily life.

Prenatal Fitness

A gentle class to strengthen and + tone. Build endurance and stamina and prepare the body for the labor process. Stretching and relaxation at the end of every class will feel like a breath of fresh air and have renewed energy after every week.

Strong Fit BootCamp

Muscle conditioning and high intensity training to improve cardio endurance and muscle tone. This high-power workout will burn calories and get the heartrate pumping. Finishing off with a yoga inspired cooldown for added core strengthening + relaxation.


Get back into fitness with this low impact class focusing on strengthening core + abs, and improving stamina. Many exercises used encourage healing of common postpartum concerns.

Workshop + Event Series

Exciting NEW workshops + events to get you feeling inspired and moving towards an EMPOWERED LIFE! Details for Fall 2018 events will be announced soon!