Prenatal Fit

Staying fit during pregnancy is a great way to prepare the body and mind for the exciting new adventure that awaits. The body goes through some pretty miraculous things during the process of building a tiny human, not to mention the all the emotions that follow along making for a beautifully wild ride. The Prenatal Fitness class is designed to help soon-to-be-Mama's feel strong physically, grounded emotionally, and encourages a positive mindset throughout their pregnancies.


About the class

Low impact class to strengthen and tone. Building endurance, stamina and preparing the body for labor. Stretching and relaxation at the end of every class will feel like a breath of fresh air and give renewed positive energy after every week. 

Prenatal Fit begins Sept 4th 6:30pm

Cost of session is $105



Feel Great 

Exercise during pregnancy can offset many common discomforts. Make exercise a priority to increase energy level, feel happier with an improved mood and boost the quality of sleep!


Prepare the Body

Improve muscle strength and cardio endurance to better prepare the body for labour. Strengthen  deep core and pelvic floor muscles to be strong and support growing baby and to encourage a smooth delivery.


Support Network

Meet other soon-to-be Mom's in the same life stage. Having a positive support network of other like-minded Mom's with similar interests makes going along for the ride encouraging and helpful!