Fitness Mastermind Program

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Fitness Mastermind Program


Access to the Fitness Mastermind program. A 3 month coaching + accountability program dedicated to gaining results in your fitness and life. See additional information for what is included in program. Current program running April to Jun - can join anytime.

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Becoming a part of this program means you are committed to growth, showing up and doing the work for yourself and empowering others collectively as a group while walking towards becoming a better version of yourself in fitness and in life.


  • This 3 month program will inspire you to discover your fitness and/or lifestyle goals

  • Will give you the tools needed to create an action plan and be able to track it along the way

  • A full body composition analysis and assessment (including measurements, body fat percentage, bone density, muscle mass, etc) AND before/after progress photos + personal profile - Local residents only.

  • Access to exclusive mini weekly and/or biweekly webinar discussing topic of the week, some of the topics will include: Crafting a Vision for your life, Healthy Eating, Luxurious but Simple Self care, Mindfulness + Positive thinking, What type of Exercise is Best, When the going gets tough, Overcoming Screen Time, Finding the Motivation, etc.

  • AND personal weekly text check-ins for accountability

This program is based and communicated through a private facebook group and access to your own FB profile is required.

Fitness Mastermind by Jen Trott

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