Online Fitness

BRAND NEW Online FITNESS is happening here! A convenient way to start a new fitness routine or to compliment an existing one.

Online Class 2019 Schedule

* red font refers to STUDIO classes

*red font refers to STUDIO classes


Beginner Fit - Low impact, focussed on increasing strength + mobility to make daily life easier.

Strong Mom - Designed with Mom's at any point of their postpartum journey (must be at least cleared from 6 wk appt).

Lo-Fi - Low impact strength workout with bodyweight and core exercises to tone and define muscles. 

Cardio Circuit - Moderate to high impact and intensity to raise the heart rate and burn lots of calories.

What to Expect for your first class?


Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a link for the class. If this is the first time using ZOOM you’ll have to download the app on your device. Once the class begins you’ll see me in a big box and the other participants in a small box on your screen. You are encouraged to keep your video on during the class but you are welcome to mute your speakers. All that is required is a small space and a yoga mat, unless otherwise noted.

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