2018 Classes

*NEW SCHEDULE* runs Feb 20th to Mar 29th 


Core Circuits

Your class will feel quick with this circuit style workout. We'll be working major muscle groups while visiting different stations. Muscle conditioning + short bouts of high intensity cardio will have you feeling great.


Mom + Baby (Pre-Crawlers)

Mom + baby will have a fun workout together. The 1st half of the class baby will be in a carrier (or watching from the infant seat or blanket). We'll be focusing on light cardio + exercises to strengthen core.


Mom + Tot (Crawlers+) 

We'll be hard at work while the little ones roam around. Bring snacks + toys to keep them happy while we get our sweat on! Workout will include fast paced moderate to high intensity to keep that heart pumping.


Strong Fit Bootcamp

Fast paced workout to burn calories, tone and increase muscular endurance and get you moving! Lots of reps, lots of burn and lots of PUMPED up music!!