Fitness Classes

Winter session begins November, classes can be started at any time! Message me and I’ll let you know the best pass for you to start with!

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Bring your baby to workout class and feel confident that every exercise is safe for you! Become stronger + Get back into fitness with this low impact class focusing on strengthening core + abs, and improving stamina. Many exercises used encourage healing of common postpartum concerns.

Strong Fit BootCamp

Muscle conditioning, with a side of HIIT (high intensity interval training), with a side of YOGA! This class has a little bit of everything and is great for all fitness levels. We will improve cardio and build muscle tone. This high-power workout will burn calories and get the heart pumping. Finish off with a yoga inspired cool down to relax + leave feeling calm.

Active Aging

Add more movement + mobility into your life with this non-intimidating class that includes low impact and gentle resistance exercises. All focussed on increasing mobility and ease during day to day living. We accommodate a wide array of physical limitations, exercises can be done standing or from a chair (and often both). Come try a class!

Workshop + Events

Exciting NEW workshops + events to get you feeling inspired and moving towards an EMPOWERED LIFE! Check back for more details on upcoming workshops!

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