And that’s a wrap!! (For January)

About now is the time when people (if they haven’t already) drop their resolutions for the year.  Now I don’t really like new years resolutions because it’s typically a big change that ends up being a short-term thing and I believe that mastering yourself is a daily commitment!

And guess what?!  The beauty of a daily commitment is that you can start anytime.  Every new day is full of incredible potential.  You just need to start. 

Here are a few ways to inspire you to get there.

#1 Be clear on what you want and always write it down.  
Whatever it is, you need to have clarity. If you don’t know what it is then how are you going to ever achieve it. 

#2 Set aside time for yourself daily.
Since this is most likely going to take up some space in your schedule, make sure that you give yourself the time to make it successful.  Carve it out of your week.  What are you willing to clear from your schedule to make room?

#3 Gift yourself with a reward for following through.
When we start something new we need extra motivation to help us along those early days when the excitement wears off and it gets tough.

#4 Visualize yourself succeeding.
When we can see ourselves succeeding we are already almost there. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. ~Henry Ford

Let me know what your aiming for right now. I’d love to hear it.