The start of 2017!

So here we are, the start of 2017! 

This year has been full of ups and downs, many happy moments and likewise tough ones.  As we get ready to move forward into this new year, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect and even better is to journal your thoughts! 
What challenges have you overcome? What did you learn?
What have you created or experienced?  What are you most proud of?

This is an important step of closing off the year and preparing for the next. Once you've answered these questions I encourage you to do this:

Write down 3 goals you will focus on for 2017.  

These aren't resolutions -  that you jump into with both feet and after 4 weeks end up giving up because it was too hard or you've lost interest.  These are real intentions that you create this year. Write them down. Tape them to your bathroom mirror. Look at them every day.  And every day take one tiny, baby step closer to achieving them.

Slow, steady, and consistent is the way you will achieve these 3 goals.

Comment below and let me know what one of your goals is for 2017. Cheers to a healthy, strong, and better you in 2017!