Holiday Season + Self-Care

December is a time we tend to fall out of normal routine.  Our schedules can get quite busy trying to finish up last minute Christmas shopping and attending holiday dinners.  Either way it's easy to fall off the wagon. These simple tips are going to help you to stay committed to your own self-care and well-being this holiday season.

Tips For Impeccable Self-Care  
Stretch daily. Even a few minutes of stretching a day can keep you flexible and avoiding injuries.  Stretching releases toxins + gets endorphins flowing + helps muscles feel great!
Drink LOTS of water. On the days I drink enough water I feel energized, refreshed and feel good. On the days I don’t, I feel tired, lazy and my mind is foggy.  I can really tell a difference, so cheers to another drink of H20! Proper amount for women is 2L (+1L for nursing mama’s) and for men 3L.
Get outside and get moving. The stress of this time of year is higher and excuses try to consume you. This is the exact reason why you need to take time out for yourself to breathe in some cool, crisp, fresh air and get inspired by the beauty of nature.  You’ll be glad you did and you’ll feel more focused and grounded which will give you the ability to knock off your ‘To Do’ list even faster.
Say NO to Sugar + Processed foods. We all know at Christmas there are endless amounts of chocolates and sweets everywhere. And we all know how we feel if we get a little too indulgent.  My advice is to stay away or limit as much as possible.  Once we start its harder to stop. Our goal is to honour our body and to feel good as much as we can. And that is not happening if we’re on a sugar hangover. It zaps our energy and leaves us feeling lazy. If you’ve had too many non-empowering foods then try having something that does empower you (lemon water, fresh veggies, a healthy smoothie, etc).  It will make you feel so much better, I promise!

There you have it.  These tips are easy to do but also easy NOT to do. I challenge you to share these tips with someone you can stay accountable with this month or share with me, I'd love to hear from you!!!!!  

May your December be bright! Sending you so much love this holiday season. 

Jen xoxo