Fall + Letting Go

I love Fall.  

It's so beautiful, not just the changing leaves but the entire shift in season. I find it fascinating the whole process, the leaves fall, we clean up the mess of it all, a new leaf grows and it happens all over again. It is a good life lesson.

Its a good idea to regularly clear away clutter from our minds, our space, and our schedule.

Our minds can only hold so much before feeling cloudy and lost. 
Our physical space can make us feel tired and unfocused if it is too cluttered.
Our schedules only have 24hrs in a day and we often try to squeeze in way more than what is actually possible, its important to let go of a task that is no longer serving you before adding something new. Otherwise we burn ourselves out and we don't have time to enjoy anything.  

What can you clear away to feel a bit lighter?
What no longer serves you that you can let go?