Tune into the Magic

Are you listening? Are you connecting to that inner magical wisdom?

This body knows exactly what to do if we just are willing to tune in and listen. Our body is constantly giving us hints and little messages in the form of intuition on how to heal and live our best life.

Are you listening? I encourage you to tune in and listen to some of the things it is telling you. Listen to all those little messages it is trying to relay. Trust yourself and when you get an inkling it most likely is your body trying to tell you something! LISTEN TO IT! And go and do that thing!

Are you craving more sleep? Movement? Yoga? A bath? Listen to music on your own? Are you craving a workout? To dance? A walk through the trees? These things don't have to be loud messages they can be even the softest little whisper. - LISTEN TO THEM. Go do what you can as often as you can. WHY? Because it's during these times that you get the most magic sent to you!! It's during these times that you get downloads of intuition - ideas or thoughts that can become real manifestations in your life.

It doesn't always have to be a regular habit (as in you don't have to start a daily habit of walking through the trees. It can be random, whatever your heart is calling for. But I do suggest getting into the habit of listening and being open to what comes up. And honoring yourself enough to give this gift to yourself for 2 important reasons.

#1 - To RECHARGE. We are so busy giving to everyone else that we are so often left to last.

And #2 - OPEN YOURSELF UP TO THE MAGIC THAT WILL COME OUT OF IT!! I've had some of my BEST ideas when I've taken these little moments to myself. These little moments have fuelled and directed my business in the best way possible.

Trust yourself and your intuition - See what magic opens up to you! Let me know I'd love to hear some of your stories because I know there will be some great ones!

All the love to you,

Jen xo