Active Aging

As we age it's important to stay fit and healthy. The Active Aging class is inspired by functional movement, exercises are inspired from the movement and positions that are used in every day life.  Exercises can be done either from a standing position or from sitting on a chair - making this class open to a wide variety of fitness levels and abilities. 


About the class

Join this non-intimidating fitness class designed for the active adult. It includes low impact aerobics, resistance training, and balance exercises. All targeted to add healthy movement and improve daily life.

Active Aging runs Tuesday’s at 9:30am



Improve Quality of life! 

Weight bearing exercise can increase bone density, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis. Improving muscle strength and flexibility will improve mobility and make every day life easier! 


Live Longer! 

Regular exercise lowers the risk of heart disease, dementia and other chronic illnesses.  Adults that participate in routine exercise will feel great and live longer!!