About Me

"I’m not a fitness model or performance athlete, I’m a regular girl who just happens to know that when you exercise it makes you feel good and other parts of your life immediately start improving"  - Jen Trott


A little about me...

I’ve always had a passion for fitness and healthy living.  I completely fell in love with the idea of teaching and inspiring others to lead healthy lives in my high school aerobics class.  I went on to study Fitness & Lifestyle Management at George Brown College.  When I graduated 2 years later I received my diploma and certification as a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.  

Upon graduating I was faced with a major life decision. As I was just about to dive into planning my wedding to my high school sweetheart I had to decide whether to launch a brand new fitness career or accept a corporate job in a major company.  At that point in my life (think school debt & settling down) I was craving a steady income, steady hours and benefits - so I chose the corporate job.

Fast forward 7 years later, my wandering heart made it back to where it was supposed to be all along.  Helping support people through healthy living and fitness.  It's funny how if you ignore your calling, no matter how long your away it will always come back to find you again, no matter what. 

I currently hold certificates as a Certified Personal Trainer and Pre & Post Natal fitness specialist through Canadian Fitness Professionals, and a First Aid/ CPR certification.  I am consistently growing and developing my skills, adding to my knowledge base. I believe constantly challenging and improving ourselves is part of becoming our best selves.    

I know the importance of keeping fitness and health a priority and I strive to teach my clients the same thing.